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Published by Kirby Winn on Thursday, February 20, 2020 in News Releases

(February 24, 2020 | Davenport, Iowa) – Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is feeling the impact of the calendar this week as we are now eight weeks, or 56 days, after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Donor Recruitment Manager Tara Matheson explains: “When our Donor Centers are closed for a holiday, this has a ripple effect on blood donation schedules eight weeks later. About half of our appointments are made by donors who reschedule an appointment 56 days after giving blood. Anytime we are closed, it means we have to work that much harder to fill our appointment schedules 56 days later.”

A major winter storm has been forecast across much of the MVRBC service region on Wed., Feb. 26, exactly 56 days after New Year’s Day. Snow and ice may lead to a high number of missed appointments and mobile blood drives in affected locations may be cancelled as well, so Blood Center schedulers are looking to add additional appointments wherever possible to make up for potential losses due to the storm. For information on opportunities to donate at a nearby Donor Center or upcoming mobile blood drive, please call (800) 747-5401, schedule online through www.bloodcenterimpact.org, or use the Blood Center’s mobile app (links to download at www.bloodcenter.org/app).

February is Heart Health Awareness Month
Holly WeigleApproximately eight percent of blood transfusions are given to patients receiving treatment for heart disease. Holly Weigle, of Bettendorf, shares her gratitude for blood donors during Heart Health Awareness Month. “I had my first heart attack when I was 34,” says Weigle, who lost her sister and her father to heart disease at a young age due. “I have an inherited condition in which my liver doesn’t get rid of the extra cholesterol my body makes or that I take in with food.” Her condition required a quadruple bypass that featured multiple blood transfusions. “Without having someone donate that blood, I might not be here today,” says Weigle.

Watch Holly’s story on our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/hR9VR0SdUws 

February Heart Health graphicAdditional donations are greatly needed to support the blood supply. To thank donors for supporting this critical need, donors at MVRBC Donor Centers will receive a voucher for a $5 gift card and all donors (centers and mobiles) will receive points that can be used to make purchases in the Blood Center’s online donor loyalty store. To find a Donor Center or mobile blood drive, please call (800) 747-5401, schedule online at www.bloodcenterIMPACT.org, or use MVRBC’s mobile app (info and links to download at www.bloodcenter.org/app).  

About Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) serves more than 100 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin, as well as resource sharing partners across the country. The 501(c)(3) not-for-profit blood center, was established in 1974 and operates as Central Illinois Community Blood Center (Springfield, Illinois) and Community Blood Services of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. 

The MVRBC service region extends from Madison, Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri and from Danville, Illinois to Chariton, Iowa, an area with a population of more than four million residents. For more information, see www.bloodcenter.org and visit the Blood Center’s social media channels: www.facebook.com/MVRBC, www.twitter.com/willyougive, www.youtube.com/MVRBC, and www.instagram.com/willyougive/. 


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