DUE TO STORMS & WIDESPREAD POWER OUTAGES, Cedar Rapids and Iowa Donor Centers Closed Tuesday August 11th; All Other Centers Are Open and Welcome Donation Appointments.  

UPDATE - Recent changes to donor eligibility criteria will permit donations by many donors previously deferred due to exposure Variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (vCJD or Mad Cow Disease). Questions about this change? Please fill out the deferral/eligibility inquiry form.

Click here for our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) including information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on blood donation being permitted during Stay at Home directives. Click here for care provider and self-referrals for convalescent plasma donors for those that had a positive molecular test (also called PCR or polymerase chain reaction) and are fully recovered from COVID-19.  Email or call 833-610-1025 with questions.

Published by Kirby Winn on Thursday, April 23, 2020 in News Releases

Blood Center now accepting self-referrals for COVID-19 convalescent plasma donation
Donors must have positive laboratory test result for COVID-19 to be scheduled for donation

(April 23, 2020 | Davenport, Iowa) – Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) will now accept self-referrals from individuals who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection and would now like to be scheduled for plasma donation to help newly diagnosed patients fight the disease. Potential donors who can provide documentation of a laboratory-confirmed positive test for COVID-19 and meet other health and safety criteria, will be scheduled for a COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) donation. Individual donors and care providers may refer themselves or their patients via the referral form available at www.bloodcenter.org or by calling (833) 610-1025. For additional information, potential donors or physicians may send inquiries to patientservices@mvrbc.org.

CCP donors must be fully recovered from their COVID-19 infection and must meet all standard eligibility criteria for blood donation. Plasma will only be collected from donors with laboratory-confirmed tests showing they had a COVID-19 infection and must be at least 28 days from the last date they experienced symptoms. These donors will have antibodies to help fight COVID-19 and will be scheduled for a plasma donation at a nearby Donor Center. 

Deborah McIntoshDeborah McIntosh (pictured, right) become a CCP donor after recovering from a COVID-19 infection in March. “Right now I feel like I have to help people. I feel like there’s a reason I’m here now. So I’m going to help as much as I can,” said McIntosh.

Another CCP donor, Patrick Foley, said he learned about convalescent plasma while self-isolating at home. “I knew this would be something I would be very interested in doing and I knew I would be one of the first who would be able to donate.”

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Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC), based in Davenport, Iowa, serves 115 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin, as well as resource sharing partners across the country. The Blood Center’s service region extends from southwestern Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri and from Danville, Illinois to Chariton, Iowa. The 501(c)(3) not-for-profit blood center was established in 1974 and operates as Central Illinois Community Blood Center (Springfield, Illinois) and Community Blood Services of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois). For more information, see www.bloodcenter.org and visit the Blood Center’s social media channels: www.facebook.com/MVRBC, www.twitter.com/willyougive, www.youtube.com/MVRBC, and www.instagram.com/willyougive/. 

While the Blood Center has experienced a high rate of blood drive cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic, donor support has remained strong and patient needs are being met. MVRBC is now scheduling mobile blood drives to replace events that have been cancelled in the next 90 days. To schedule a new mobile blood drive or to find an opportunity to donate at an existing blood drive or Donor Center, please call MVRBC at (800) 747-5401 or schedule online at www.bloodcenter.org or via the Blood Center’s mobile app (info / download: www.bloodcenter.org/app). 


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