We are encouraging blood donations now and in the next 8 weeks to ensure adequate supplies during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).  We are working to prevent shortages locally. We are monitoring credible health agencies for updates on COVID-19 and are responding accordingly. For blood drive sponsor groups that are considering cancelling drives, please work with us on potential options to re-direct donors. There is no known risk to the safety of the nation’s blood supply except for lack of donations and there are no reports of spread of this respiratory virus, by blood transfusion. Giving blood is critical to ensure an adequate supply to meet patient needs.  Click here for more information about our response to COVID-19.

Blood donation is permitted under the Stay at Home directive in the State of Illinois.
Click here for more information from the Department of Homeland Security.

What is Heal for Real?

Team Liquid is partnering with the Blood Centers of America (BCA) to raise awareness and drive blood donations from esports and gaming fans across the country. Those willing to donate for the cause at a participating drive will earn a limited edition “Team Liquid Turns Red” t-shirt. Click here for more information about Heal for Real. 

What is eSports?
eSports is competitive multiplayer video gaming, usually performed for an audience.

What is Team Liquid?
Team Liquid is one of the oldest and most successful global esports organizations with over 65 athletes competing across 17 distinct games.

Participating Donation Locations

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 - JUNE 14, 2020: In-center Blood Drives

Click on location nearest you for hours and to schedule.

Giveaways at select listed events only

  1. AlienWare Aurora drawing (September 16, 2019 through June 14, 2020) for the AlienWare Dell Alienware Aurora Gaming Compact Mid-Tower; valued at $900.00) for all presenting donors. You must attend one of our events listed above to receive information on how to enter.
  2. Limited Edition Team Liquid T-Shirt - NEW DONORS or PEOPLE that BRING IN a NEW DONOR, at select locations listed can register to redeem a limited edition Team Liquid T-Shirt. 


  • Attend and become a first time blood donor at one of our events listed above
  • Already a donor or not eligible? Recruit a first time donor to an event listed above and you (and the first time donor) will be eligible to redeem the limited edition Team Liquid T-shirt!
  •  At registration, ask to credit your donation to "Liquid" and text that same keyword to the number provided to enter for the rewards. All who wish to receive the rewards must use the text keyword process. 

Influencer Toolkit

We’ve compiled some graphics for you to share across your social channels during the upcoming months. Thanks for your help!

The whole blood donation process, from registration to walking away with your T-shirt, takes less than an hour. The actual giving blood only takes 10 minutes. Bet your Saturday evening food delivery takes longer. Info at www.bloodcenter.org/esports

Visit www.bloodcenter.org/esports for more info and to see how you can get your own limited edition T-shirt!

Use the hashtag #HealForReal and tag us using the social media links above!


1 in 5 people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime  1 in 5 people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime  limited edition team liquid t-shirt

every team needs a healer, rise up to the call become a blood donor now  every team needs a healer. rise up to the call, become a blood donor now  save lives heal for real

save lives, join us and heal for real  limited edition team liquid t-shirt


1 in 5 people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime  every team needs a healer, rise up to the call, become a blood donor now

limited edition team liquid t-shirt  save lives, join us and heal for real