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“Change is the law of life…” these words from President John F. Kennedy provide the right framework for our 2022 Annual Report. In 2022, we adjusted to several important changes within our organization, the blood industry, and the communities we serve, including:

  • Welcoming Dr. Daniela Hermelin as our new Chief Medical Officer;
  • Joining Blood Emergency Readiness Corps to help create the nation’s first emergency blood reserve;
  • Opening a new donation center in Fairview Heights, Illinois;
  • Executing new strategies to enhance donor engagement;
  • Reinstating donors previously deferred for geographic exposure to Mad Cow Disease;
  • Adding service to two hospitals and growing our support for pre-hospital transfusion programs; and
  • Fully implementing our new name in our first full year as ImpactLife.

We are grateful to our leadership and teams for carrying out the changes listed above (and many more), and we invite you to read our 2022 Annual Report to learn about these important developments for ImpactLife.

Download 2022 ImpactLife Annual Report


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