URGENT/CRITICAL NEED for O Negative, O Positive and B Negative red blood cell donations and platelets from all blood types. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the word! Learn more about our Coronavirus Pandemic Response and COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Patient Care

The Blood Center provides patient care and services under the guidance of highly specialized doctors and clinical team members. This direct patient care occurs on site at select blood center facilities as well as on site at service hospitals. All treatments provided by the blood center require orders from the patients’ treating physician(s). We provide programs for:


  • Hemochromatosis
  • Late-stage prostate cancer with Provenge, a Dendreon medication 


  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange 
  • Transfusion of Granulocytes
  • Autologous Donation - Donation of one’s own blood prior to elective surgery
  • Directed Donation - Donation of blood intended only for one patient (donor usually knows the patient).
  • Designated Donation - For donors where additional screening of their blood has identified them  as a better match for a specific patient (donor does not know the patient).

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For more information, please contact our Patient Services Department at (563) 349-1677 or email patientservices@mvrbc.org.