We are encouraging blood donations now and in the next 8 weeks to ensure adequate supplies during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).  We are working to prevent shortages locally. We are monitoring credible health agencies for updates on COVID-19 and are responding accordingly. For blood drive sponsor groups that are considering cancelling drives, please work with us on potential options to re-direct donors. There is no known risk to the safety of the nation’s blood supply except for lack of donations and there are no reports of spread of this respiratory virus, by blood transfusion. Giving blood is critical to ensure an adequate supply to meet patient needs.  Click here for more information about our response to COVID-19.

Blood donation is permitted under the Stay at Home directive in the State of Illinois.
Click here for more information from the Department of Homeland Security.

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Our team of Donor Relations Consultants will work with you to determine the logistics for your blood drive, and then we'll provide all the tools you need to help change the world one pint at a time!


Blood drives can be held in a conference room, gymnasium, classroom or similar location within your facility, or, if a suitable location can’t be found, we can bring a Donor Bus (a fully functioning donor-room-on-wheels) directly to you!


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