URGENT NEED: We have an urgent need to replenish our supply of Type O-negative red blood cells. Multiple victims of a trauma are being treated at a hospital that receives blood components from our Blood Center. Blood is available for patient care but we must now replace a high volume of units used in the trauma. O-negative donors, please schedule an appointment for donation as soon as possible by calling (800) 747-5401 or via our online scheduling system

Second Most Common

Quick Facts

  • 31% of the United States population is A+, making it one of the most-transfused blood types.
  • Type A+ is in high demand to treat cancer patients and premature babies.
  • In an emergency, doctors depend on type A and AB plasma for trauma patients and accident victims.
  • Preferred donation methods: platelet and whole blood.
  • Only types A and AB+ can receive type A+, but A+ platelets can go anywhere (except childbearing aged females of types O-, A-, B- and AB-).
  • Type A+ can receive types A, O+ and O-.
  • Only types A, O+ and O- can receive A+ plasma.

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Blood Inventory

Many variables can impact our inventory such as weather, holidays or tragic events. Below is an overview of our inventory levels across all blood types. Schedule an appointment today!

  • O+

    9 days

  • O-

    0 days

    Critical Need

  • A+

    14 days

  • A-

    9 days

  • B+

    8 days

  • B-

    0 days

    Critical Need

  • AB+

    7 days

  • AB-

    7 days

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