URGENT/CRITICAL NEED for O Negative, O Positive and B Negative red blood cell donations and platelets from all blood types. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the word! Learn more about our Coronavirus Pandemic Response and COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Your support of blood donation directly impacts local hospital patients in a life changing way. In recognition of your achievement, students who complete the Student Impact Award Program will receive:

  • Graduation cord*
  • Recognition at your awards night*
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Satisfaction and pride for helping save lives

*Subject to approval by your school’s administration

How to Earn

Students must complete one of the following requirements over the course of their high school career:


Donate blood at least eight times*
Donations must be completed; deferrals will not count towards your award. 


Recruit eight first time or lapsed donors*
Recruits cannot be other high school students at a high school drive. To qualify as lapsed, your donor must have not donated with our organization for at least 18 months. 


Serve on planning committee for four separate school blood drives 
We will verify involvement with your drive coordinators. 


Host a 10+ unit blood drive independent from your school 
Drive can occur at a community location OR at one of our Donor Center locations but must be independent from your school drive. Email impact@mvbrc.org with questions and to get started with a Blood Center Representative today. 

*Students may combine personal donations and recruited first time donors to earn their award, provided the total number of donations equals eight.

Submitting your Participation

Students must submit a form for every donation, recruited donor, volunteered drive, or hosted drive to receive credit for their award.


We will email you within one week to confirm if your submission was approved and an update on your progress towards your award.


We want to help. You can view our frequently asked questions below and email us at IMPACT@mvrbc.org with any additional questions.