URGENT/CRITICAL NEED for ALL DONATIONS & BLOOD TYPES especially Type O and Platelets. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the word!

There is no deferral for COVID-19 vaccinations currently being administered in the U.S. and donors are not required to show status. Learn more about our Coronavirus Pandemic Response and COVID-19 Vaccinations. Face masks and appointments are required. Appointments can be made the day of donation by contacting us at 800-747-5401.  

We're excited to announce that our organization is now officially named ImpactLife! Read more about our evolution here: www.bloodcenter.org/impactlife 

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amanda hess

Amanda Hess Director, Donor and Public Relations
ahess@impactlife.org | 563-359-5401 office
holly yates Holly Yates Associate Director, Donor Relations
hyates@impactlife.org |  563-823-4120 office
andrea cole Andrea Cole Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment 
St. Louis Region
acole@impactlife.org | 314-291-4741 office
lisa sparrow Lisa Sparrow Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Ottumwa Regions
lsparrow@impactlife.org  | 319-361-8971
jim watts Jim Watts Manager, Donor and Government Relations
Springfield, Peoria and Urbana Regions
jwatts@impactlife.org  | 217-241-7546 office
teresa gottschalk Teresa Gottschalk Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Quad Cities, Dubuque and Burlington Regions
tgottschal@impactlife.org | 563-823-3953 office


Champaign-Urbana, Mattoon, Danville, Decatur, Rantoul and surrounding areas

empty photo Teri McCarthy Donor Relations Consultant
tmccarthy@impactlife.org | 217-531-0718
empty photo Sara Palacio Donor Relations Consultant
spalacio@impactlife.org | 217-531-0715
carol pearson Carol Pearson Donor Relations Consultant
cpearson@impactlife.org | 217-531-0742


Springfield, Litchfield, Lincoln, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas

krista jiroutek Krista Jiroutek Recruitment Development Coordinator
kjiroutek@impactlife.org | 217-241-7545
libby bair Libby Bair Donor Relations Consultant
lbair@impactlife.org | 217-241-7534
shadaye hunnitcutt Shadaye Hunnicutt-Wiessmer Donor Relations Consultant
shunnicutt@impactlife.org | 803-307-8275


Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Canton and surrounding areas

krista jiroutek

Krista Jiroutek Recruitment Development Coordinator
kjiroutek@impactlife.org | 217-241-7545

dani craft Dani Craft Recruitment Development Coordinator

dlcraft@impactlife.org | 309-981-7840

william hudson

William Hudson Donor Relations Consultant
whudson@impactlife.org | 309-738-8190

cassandra schoonover Cassandra Schoonover Donor Relations Consultant
schoonover@impactlife.org | 309-322-6003
allison guzman Allison Guzman Donor Relations Consultant
anguzman@impactlife.org | 309-322-6002


Quad Cities, Dubuque, Madison and surrounding areas

sharee hoegerl Sharee Hoegerl Recruitment Development Coordinator
shoegerl@impactlife.org | 563-823-4128 office
rachel saelens Rachel Saelens Recruitment Development Coordinator
rsaelens@impactlife.org | 563-823-8940 office
angela reese Angela Reese Donor Relations Consultant
areese@impactlife.org | 563-823-4119 office
beth hancock Beth Hancock Donor Relations Consultant
bhancock@impactlife.org| 563-823-4113 office
chirs caisto Chris Ciasto Donor Relations Consultant
cciasto@impactlife.org | 563-349-1608
amy stahle Amy Stahle Donor Relations Consultant
astahle@impactlife.org | 563-823-8906 office
erica barker

Erica Barker Donor Relations Consultant
ebarker@impactlife.org | 319-321-9613

jason schomburg Jason Schomburg Associate Donor Relations Consultant
jschomburg@impactlife.org | 563-823-3942 office
alexis budd Alexis Budd Associate Donor Relations Consultant
abudd@impactlife.org | 563-468-8473
leigh hoover Leigh Hoover Associate Donor Relations Consultant

lhoover@impactlife.org | 563-823-3977


Burlington, Keokuk, Galesburg, Macomb and surrounding areas

Kali Eastin, Donor Relations Consultant Kali Eastin Donor Relations Consultant
keastin@impactlife.org | 319-850-2457


Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and surrounding areas

michelle catlett Michelle Catlett Recruitment Development Coordinator
mcatlett@impactlife.org | 319-350-8040
megan dee Megan Dee Donor Relations Consultant
mdee@impactlife.org | 563-823-4160
carri koch Carri Koch Donor Relations Consultant
ckoch@impactlife.org | 319-892-3509 x1544
lydia polsean Lydia Polsean Associate Donor Relations Consultant
lpolsean@impactlife.org | 563-823-8925


Ottumwa and surrounding areas

maureen steele Maureen Steele Donor Relations Consultant
msteele@impactlife.org | 641-682-8149 x2103
Lindsay Erhardt-Hansen

Lindsay Erhardt-Hansen Donor Relations Consultant
lehansen@impactlife.org | 641-682-8149

lisa woollums Lisa Woollums Associate Donor Relations Consultant
lwoollums@imapctlife.org | 641-682-8149 x2123


St. Louis and surrounding areas

pat dillon Pat Dillon Recruitment Development Coordinator
pdillon@impactlife.org | 314-281-5616 
david chambers David Chambers Recruitment Development Coordinator
dgchambers@impactlife.org | 636-303-8845 
jamila boone Jamila Boone Recruitment Development Coordinator
jboone@impactlife.org | 314-954-9711 
tom kacich Tom Kacich Recruitment Development Coordinator
tkacich@impactlife.org  | 314-570-4722 
karen dickenson Karen Dickinson Donor Relations Consultant

kldickinso@impactlife.org | 636-368-7605

terry deters Terry Deters Donor Relations Consultant
tdeters@impactlife.org | 314-281-5614 
Denise Mosley Denise Mosley Donor Relations Consultant
dmosley@impactlife.org | 314-370-9615
Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Donor Relations Consultant
awilliams@impactlife.org | 618-391-4902 office

tim schwab Tim Schwab Donor Relations Consultant
tschwab@impactlife.org | 314-281-5627
charles lucier
Charles Lucier Associate Donor Relations Consultant
clucier@impactlife.org | 314-281-5618 
amanda dabbs Amanda Dabbs Associate Donor Relations Consultant
adabbs@impactlife.org | 314-281-5611

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