We are encouraging blood donations now and in the next 8 weeks to ensure adequate supplies during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).  We are working to prevent shortages locally. We are monitoring credible health agencies for updates on COVID-19 and are responding accordingly. For blood drive sponsor groups that are considering cancelling drives, please work with us on potential options to re-direct donors. There is no known risk to the safety of the nation’s blood supply except for lack of donations and there are no reports of spread of this respiratory virus, by blood transfusion. Giving blood is critical to ensure an adequate supply to meet patient needs.  Click here for more information about our response to COVID-19.

Blood donation is permitted under the Stay at Home directive in the State of Illinois.
Click here for more information from the Department of Homeland Security.

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amanda hess

Amanda Hess Director, Donor and Public Relations
ahess@mvrbc.org | (563) 359-5401 office
holly yates Holly Yates Associate Director, Donor Relations
hyates@mvrbc.org |  (563) 823-4120 office
andrea cole Andrea Cole Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment 
St. Louis Region
acole@mvrbc.org | (314) 291-4741 office
lisa sparrow Lisa Sparrow Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Ottumwa Regions
lsparrow@mvrbc.org  | (319) 361-8971
jim watts Jim Watts Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Springfield, Peoria and Urbana Regions
jwatts@mvrbc.org  | (217) 241-7546 office
teresa gottschalk Teresa Gottschalk Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Quad Cities, Dubuque and Burlington Regions
tgottschal@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-3953 office


Champaign-Urbana, Mattoon, Danville, Rantoul and surrounding areas

empty photo Teri McCarthy Donor Relations Consultant
tmccarthy@bloodservices.org | (217) 531-0718
empty photo Sara Palacio Donor Relations Consultant
spalacio@mvrbc.org | (217) 367-2202 x3328
shadaye hunnitcutt Shadaye Hunnicutt-Wiessmer Donor Relations Consultant
shunnicutt@mvrbc.org | (803) 307-8275 cell
empty photo Quentin Spannagel Associate Donor Relations Consultant
qspannagel@mvrbc.org  | (217) 531-0719


Springfield, Litchfield, Lincoln, Jacksonville, Decatur and surrounding areas

krista jiroutek Krista Jiroutek Recruitment Development Coordinator
kjiroutek@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-7545
libby bair Libby Bair Donor Relations Consultant
lbair@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-7534
diana eldridge Diana Eldridge Donor Relations Consultant
deldridge@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-7549
audrey leischner Audrey Leischner Associate Donor Relations Consultant
aleischner@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-1139


Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Canton and surrounding areas

krista jiroutek

Krista Jiroutek Recruitment Development Coordinator
kjiroutek@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-7545

dani craft Dani Craft Donor Relations Consultant
dcraft@mvrbc.org | (309) 981-7840

william hudson

William Hudson Donor Relations Consultant
whudson@mvrbc.org | (309) 738-8190

cassandra schoonover Cassandra Schoonover Donor Relations Consultant
schoonover@mvrbc.org | (309) 322-6003
allison guzman Allison Guzman Associate Donor Relations Consultant
anguzman@mvrbc.org | 309-322-6002


Quad Cities, Dubuque, Madison and surrounding areas

sharee hoegerl Sharee Hoegerl Recruitment Development Coordinator
shoegerl@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-4128 office
rachel saelens Rachel Saelens Recruitment Development Coordinator
rsaelens@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-8940 office
angela reese Angela Reese Donor Relations Consultant
areese@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-4119 office
beth hancock Beth Hancock Donor Relations Consultant
bhancock@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-4113 office
chirs caisto Chris Ciasto Donor Relations Consultant
cciasto@mvrbc.org | (563) 349-1608
amy stahle Amy Stahle Donor Relations Consultant
astahle@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-8906 office
image of a person

Erica Barker Donor Relations Consultant
ebarker@mvrbc.org | (319) 321-9613 cell

ashley werthmann Ashley Werthmann Associate Donor Relations Consultant
awerthmann@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-8930
empty photo Jason Schomburg Associate Donor Relations Consultant
jschomburg@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-3942 office
tori tebitt

Tori Tebbitt Associate Donor Relations Consultant


Burlington, Keokuk, Galesburg, Macomb and surrounding areas

empty photo Kali Eastin Donor Relations Consultant
keastin@mvrbc.org | (319) 850-2457
empty photo Erica Martin Donor Relations Consultant
emartin@mvrbc.org | (319) 758-1157 office
emily ludolph Emily Ludolph Associate Donor Relations Consultant
eludolph@mvrbc.org | (217) 430-8617


Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and surrounding areas

michelle catlett Michelle Catlett Recruitment Development Coordinator
mcatlett@mvrbc.org | (319) 350-8040
megan dee Megan Dee Donor Relations Consultant
mdee@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-4160
empty photo Carri Koch Donor Relations Consultant
ckoch@mvrbc.org | (319) 892-3509 x1544
empty photo Lydia Polsean Associate Donor Relations Consultant
lpolsean@mvrbc.org | (563) 823-8925


Ottumwa and surrounding areas

diana allman Diana Allman Donor Relations Consultant
dallman@mvrbc.org | (641) 682-8149 x2107
maureen steele Maureen Steele Donor Relations Consultant
msteele@mvrbc.org | (641) 682-8149 x2103
lisa woollums Lisa Woollums Associate Donor Relations Consultant
lwoollums@mvrbc.org | (641) 682-8149 x2123


St. Louis and surrounding areas

pat dillon Pat Dillon Recruitment Development Coordinator
pdillon@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5616 
david chambers David Chambers Recruitment Development Coordinator
dgchambers@mvrbc.org | (636) 303-8845 
jamila boone Jamila Boone Recruitment Development Coordinator
jboone@mvrbc.org  | (314) 954-9711 
Tony Heap Tony Heap Recruitment Development Coordinator
aheap@mvrbc.org | (618) 391-4904
karen dickenson Karen Dickinson Donor Relations Consultant
kldickinson@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5613 
terry deters Terry Deters Donor Relations Consultant
tdeters@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5614 
Susan Beckerle Susan Beckerle Donor Relations Consultant
sbeckerle@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5615 
Denise Mosley Denise Mosley Donor Relations Consultant
dmosley@mvrbc.org | (314) 370-9615
Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Donor Relations Consultant
awilliams@mvrbc.org | (618) 391-4902 office

tim schwab Tim Schwab Donor Relations Consultant
tschwab@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5627
charles lucier
Charles Lucier Associate Donor Relations Consultant
clucier@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5618 
amanda dabbs Amanda Dabbs Associate Donor Relations Consultant
adabbs@mvrbc.org | (314) 281-5611

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