"I was a single mom when I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. My recovery seemed like it was going well, and I didn’t have any concerns. There were complications from childbirth that were not immediately known. Eleven days after I gave birth, I woke up in the night to feed her and realized I was hemorrhaging and needed to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. 

I was losing a lot of blood. The hospital staff were all fantastic and responded with urgency. It was because of their quick actions and behavior that I knew the condition I was in was not good.  I needed to have emergency surgery, but before that could happen, I was given blood. At that moment, I remember thinking how grateful I was to the person that donated their blood. I absolutely know, that if there was not a blood supply on hand, my baby would have been a week old without any parents. As I write this, I realize something that hadn’t occurred to me before. erin on mountain in blood center gear

The blood donated for my use, not only saved my life, but it impacted my baby’s life and my loved one’s lives. I greatly appreciated the generous individual that donated the time and blood and had no idea the impact that it created.  

I have now donated blood for years since that incident and will continue as long as I’m able to do so.  Even though, I do not see the impact when I donate, I can still remember my emotions and the impact I felt on that day the blood was given to me. It’s that continued feeling, that motivates me to donate my blood.  I want to provide to the blood supply for those in need.  And I know that my one blood donation could save the life of another and impact the lives around that person causing a ripple effect."