BLOOD SHORTAGE: URGENT/CRITICAL NEED for ALL DONATIONS & BLOOD TYPES. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the word!

There is no deferral for COVID-19 vaccinations currently being administered in the U.S. and donors are not required to show status. Learn more about our Coronavirus Pandemic Response and COVID-19 Vaccinations. As part of the healthcare community, we are still requiring masks for donors, staff, volunteers and visitors to our facilities and blood drives but will provide updates if this changes. We will provide a mask for those who need one. Appointments are required but can be made the day of donation by contacting us at 800-747-5401.  

We're excited to announce that our organization is now officially named ImpactLife! Read more about our evolution here: 

michelle berlengeri

Michelle Berlingeri 
Director, Facilities

kathye brammann

Kathye Brammann 
Director, Finance

tara dunahoo
Tara Dunahoo 
Director, Lab

amanda hess
Amanda Hess
Director, Donor & Public Relations

elizabeth hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins 
Director, Reference Lab

pete lux
Pete Lux 
Director, Donor Services

jennifer lindburg
Jennifer Lindburg
Director, Quality Support Services

mike rasso
Mike Rasso 
Director, Sales & Inventory

emily shenk-demay

Emily Shenk-DeMay
Director, Fund Development and Administration

michelle simms
Michelle Simms 
Director, Inventory Management & Distribution

darin van raes
Darin Van Raes
Director, Information Technology

lindsay peters
Lindsay Peters, MLS(ASCP)SBBCM
Director, Customer Relations

jessica ewoldt
Jessica Ewoldt
Director, Training