Vein to Vein makes it easy for educators to implement lesson plans about the importance of blood donation into their lesson plans. It will also ensure that students know about careers available in the blood community. The turn-key resources are designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards; however all states can benefit from this module. Implementation of this module also  goes beyond the field of science and offers opportunities to integrate English Language Arts, and Mathematics.

Students play a vital role in our nation’s blood supply. High school and college students traditionally make up about a fourth of all blood donors. We are all in this together, and it is up to us to ensure that our area hospitals and patients can receive the blood they need when they need it the most.  

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Engage students 

  • Exclusive virtual patient scenarios that bring the lifesaving importance of blood donation to life.
  • Socratic Seminar, creating a dialogue surrounding a variety of suggested topics.
  • Creating a commercial, social media campaign, or survey to learn from others how we can increase interest in donating blood.
  • Reviewing a variety of career opportunities which help to support the nation's blood supply.

Incorporate the above video into your lesson plans and show to the school when promoting a blood drive.

Share by:

  • Posting on internal students school accounts, providing extra credit by watching the video.
  • Including it on the homepage for the high school.
  • Incorporating it into a social media campaign.

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