The Beard Brothers Give Back!

New Berlin donor, Josh Beard was inducted into the Fresenius Kabi Donation Hall of Fame. 

Following the example of his mother and his brother, Josh Beard began donating blood in 2009. But in 2014, Josh experienced first-hand the importance of giving. He and his wife, Chelsea, saw their first son, Milo struggle with the effects of Rh disease. Milo received a blood transfusion just days after his birth. the beard family

In 2016, a multiple consultations and tests, Josh and Chelsea found out their child would face the same complications as Milo. At just 23 weeks, the baby received an in-utero blood transfusion. Four more in-utero transfusions later, the Beards welcomed another son, Brooks. 

Milo and Brooks are now happy and healthy, growing boys, but without the generous donations of volunteer donors, the Beard brothers would not have survived. So, Josh gives back to those who gave for his family, every 56 days. In addition, the Beard family hosts a blood drive thoughtfully named “The Beard Brothers Give Back,” in an effort to thank donors and replenish all they have used and more.