URGENT/CRITICAL NEED for O NEGATIVE, O Positive and A Positive Red Blood Cell Donations, as well as AB plasma donations and platelets from all blood types - Winter storms and high volumes of transfusions for trauma and other treatments have depleted supplies of many types to less than 3-day supply. We urgently need donors of all types to continue to give regularly. Donate now and help spread the word! Click HERE to learn more about our Coronavirus Pandemic Response and Blood Donation.


TAC meetings help the Blood Center respond to issues our service hospitals have in common, and allow hospital representatives to gain insight into the products and services the Blood Center offers. The Blood Center also provides regulatory and process change information to the hospital transfusion services at these meetings.

TAC meetings are open to all staff members from our service hospitals. Hospitals may send more than one representative to the meetings, if desired. Participants are invited to submit questions and topics for discussion in advance of each meeting.

meeting locations

Presentations available for viewing on Hospital Portal and held on-site at the following locations:

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
5500 Lakeview Parkway, Davenport, IA

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
1007 Pennsylvania Ave., Ottumwa, IA

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
3420 Rider Trail South, Earth City, MO

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
6330 Copps Avenue, Monona, WI 

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
2404 W Nebraska Ave, Peoria, IL

Central Illinois Community Blood Center
2801 S 10th Street, Springfield, IL

Community Blood Services of Illinois
1408 West University, Urbana, IL