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ImpactLife has joined blood centers across the U.S. in implementing Individual Donor Assessment in pre-donation screening. This change is in line with new guidance issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2023 and helps create more equitable donor eligibility standards by eliminating the previous blanket deferrals that applied to men who have sex with men and to women who have sex with men who have sex with men. Under Individual Donor Assessment, all prospective donors are asked the same set of questions, regardless of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Dr. Daniela Hermelin“We are pleased to announce our participation in the nationwide adoption of the Individual Donor Assessment," stated Dr. Daniela Hermelin, Chief Medical Officer (left). "We have implemented uniform pre-donation screening questions related to HIV risk, irrespective of the donor's gender or gender identity. This signifies a significant advancement in our field, enabling us to expand the pool of potential donors while safeguarding the safety and accessibility of our region’s crucial blood supply.”

News release: ImpactLife Announces Implementation of Individual Donor Assessment

U.S. FDA issued new guidance on donor eligibility in May 2023, and ImpactLife worked to update policies and conduct staff training on the change before implementing the new policy on September 25, 2023.

DJ Benischek
First-time donor Daniel Benischek posted a photo and comment online following implementation of Individual Donor Assessment.

AABB: FAQs on Individual Donor Assessment

History of FDA Recommended Deferrals

FDA News Release (May 2023)

Joint Statement from AABB, America's Blood Centers, and American Red Cross (May 2023)


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