Published by Kirby Winn on Monday, January 15, 2024 in Blog

Over the last week, portions of the ImpactLife service region have received more than two feet of snow, followed by high winds and frigid subzero temperatures. The historic winter storm has set records across our region and has resulted in nearly 1000 donations lost due to blood drive cancellations and missed appointments. 

The storm has also impacted staffing levels and transportation logistics, making it more challenging for blood center teams to continue with normal operations. Watch the video below to see how our components production and product distribution teams continue to work in spite of any challenges posed by the snowstorm.

We appreciate all donors, staff, and volunteers who are coming through for our region's blood supply, and who help us rebound from losses we've experienced over the last week. To schedule an appointment for blood donation, call us at (800) 747-5401, book an appointment online, or via our mobile app!


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