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ImpactLife's mission is to save lives by providing blood products and services to communities in need. We're a part of those communities we serve, going to the same supermarkets and little league games as our donors, and while many community members have joined our cause, there is always more work to do. Part of that work falls to our Associate Boards.

At the core of the Associate Boards' mission is the art of connection. Through strategic initiatives and community outreach, they are the architects of networks that transcend demographics and bring us all together for a common cause… to save lives.

The Associate Boards are not just advocates, they are catalysts for transformative action. Through volunteerism, they strengthen the backbone of ImpactLife's operations, increasing the volunteer and donor base. Each event they support, each initiative they champion, is a step towards building a more caring and sharing community.

impactlife associate boards in action

What the Board is and what does it do?

These boards were originally devised to help us cultivate the next generation of blood donors. Our average donor is getting older, and we need young people from across our community to give back. So we found some of the best and brightest with a passion for saving lives to come together and change the world.

Members come from wildly different backgrounds and industries, but the desire to make an impact binds them all together. Some of our members are recipients or the parent of a recipient and some are longtime donors that wanted to do more.

AndrewI'm a trauma survivor who wouldn't be alive without donated blood. My mission in life is to help individuals on their journey from surviving to thriving. Increasing blood donations through community partnerships is an important way to live out my mission. – Andrew Oberle, St. Louis Associate Board Member  

Andrew Oberle turned tragedy into triump after nearly losing his life in 2012 when he was nearly killed by two chimpanzees while working at a chimpanzee refuge in South Africa. Donated blood kept Andrew alive. Now he works with the University of St. Louis school and medicine, and through Andrew's work both with and without ImpactLife, we're more connected with our St. Louis community than ever.

Blood is medicine. My son Hudson received numerous blood products throughout his cancer treatment. I hope to show our community how impactful donation is. Blood is medicine and saves lives. My son wouldn't be here without it. - Jessica McKearney, Quad Cities Associate Board Co-Chair

Jessica McKearney worked in healthcare, but never truly understood the importance of blood donors until her son was diagnosed with leukemia. The treatment was hard on the young boy, but frequent transfusions kept him strong enough to finish his treatment. Now Hudson, Jessica, and the rest of the family are tireless cheerleaders for our cause.

Mya I am a creative person. I feel that I could help come up with ways to motivate people to support our cause. In addition, I want to give back to the community, and am willing to work hard to help out others. - Mya Venkatesan 

Not all members have been personally affected by blood donation. Some just want to make positive change, and Mya's creativity bring unique insight to our mission.

How can you get involved?

Associate boards in action

Together, we celebrate the unstoppable force that fuels our mission and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary opportunities for giving, sharing, and saving lives.

Do you want to help save lives and join an ImpactLife Associate Board? Check out to learn more and start the conversation!


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