Published by Alex Burkamper on Thursday, October 19, 2023 in Blog

ImpactLife continually works with industry leaders on innovative and unique ways to enhance the blood donation experience, and the new Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality experience is the latest addition of cutting-edge technology to our toolbox. These headsets offer donors a seamless and hands-free interaction with an engaging, but easy to learn, game developed for blood donors.

We are offering Mixed Reality at certain blood drives and donor center locations with the goal of recruiting new donors, easing anxiety, and to enhance the blood donation experience. Paragon, the game we feature on our HoloLens devices, was developed through a partnership between Blood Centers of America and Abbott, a global healthcare technology company. In the game, donors manipulate 3D digital objects with their eyes, scanning the room to plant a magical garden and to capture butterflies moving about the room (see demonstration video, below; clips provided by Abbott and WQAD TV). 

Donors are provided a brief demonstration before immersing themselves in the world of Mixed Reality. The technology allows the donor to maintain a sense of their surroundings and interact with ImpactLife staff to make sure everything is going well while they relax, enjoy the game, and save lives through blood donation.

To learn more about development of Mixed Reality for the blood industry, see Taking Blood Donation to a New Dimension of Reality (Abbott news release).


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