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ImpactLife serves more than 120 hospitals and emergency services providers in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Summer is a challenging time of year for the blood supply, and the blood center continually monitors the rate of blood donation and use of blood products to maintain a stable blood supply for our region.

Following Memorial Day weekend and the first week of summer, our region's blood supply is currently at a 3 to 3.5-day supply for the O-positive and O-negative (universal) blood types. ImpactLife strives for a 5 to 7-day supply for all blood types to ensure the blood center's ability to meet patient needs and have a reserve available for product rotations and emergency response.

ImpactLife June 5, 2023 blood inventory levels
ImpactLife June 5, 2023 blood inventory levels

Patients receive blood transfusions in settings that range from the NICU to oncology, surgery, obstetrics, and trauma. Recent events in the ImpactLife service region remind us it is impossible to predict when a large scale crisis might occur with the potential for a sudden increase in the demand for blood (for example, a large pile-up on Interstate 55 in central Illinois and the partial collapse of an apartment building in Davenport, Iowa). Lindsay Peters, Director, Customer Relations, describes how ImpactLife works with hospitals to monitor local blood inventories and how the blood center responds to any increase in the demand for blood.

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What is a hospital’s PAR level, and how is it established?

How does ImpactLife monitor the daily use of blood in patient care?

What can lead to an unexpected increase in the demand for blood?

How does ImpactLife communicate with hospitals and respond to an unexpected increase in demand for blood components?

What’s the way for blood donors to help?

Download Lindsay Peters video files here (.mp4 via WeTransfer)

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ImpactLife is a not-for-profit community organization providing blood services to more than 120 hospitals and emergency services providers in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin, as well as resource sharing partners across the country. (For a map of the ImpactLife service region, see ImpactLife operates 22 Donor Centers and holds approximately 5000 mobile blood drives annually to provide blood components needed for patient transfusions at hospitals throughout our region.

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