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Thursday, January 27: Leaders from HSHS Illinois, ImpactLife, Memorial Health, and the Sangamon County Department of Public Health came together for a news conference today (via Zoom) on our region's blood supply and the need for additional donors to step forward, schedule appointments, and help ensure we continue to meet patient needs across our region. 

The blood supply in our region, and in communities across the U.S., has been hard hit by winter weather and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers in Thursday's news conference address:

  • status of the blood supply and recent rates of blood donation
  • how blood is used in patient care
  • blood donation in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • how to help (appointment scheduling information)

Thank you to everyone who participated for helping spread the word and focus attention on the need for donors!

Speakers (in order)

Kirby Winn
Manager, Public Relations, ImpactLife

Amanda Hess
Vice President, Donor Relations and Marketing, ImpactLife

Dr. Gurpreet Mander
Chief Physician Executive, HSHS Illinois

Dr. Linda Jones
Vice President, Ancillary Operations, Memorial Health
Lead administrator of the Central Illinois Regional Health Center

Dr. Ruchika Goel
Medical Director, ImpactLife
Associate Professor, Div. of Hematology/Oncology, SIU School of Medicine
and Div. of Transfusion Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 

Gail O'Neill
Director, Sangamon County Department of Public Health

Jim Watts
Manager, Donor and Government Relations, ImpactLife

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Kirby Winn serves as Manager, Public Relations for ImpactLife. He enjoys working with media across the blood center's service region to share the stories of patients who have been helped by the generous volunteers who support our mission.

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