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An ImpactLife leukopak is a collection of mononuclear cells derived through apheresis (MNC-A) and is used for research and further manufacturing rather than directly infused into a patient. A minimum of 9 billion mononuclear cells are collected in each single leukopak.   

Each leukopak is collected from donors who undergo infectious disease testingmeet standard donor eligibility criteria and who complete medical clearance from an apheresis center physician. This ensures that each donor’s safety is prioritized while committing to a safe collection process and product. Additional unique donor specifications can be requested for specialization in protocol needs. An IRB protocol including the donor consent will be performed to assure the right and welfare of the subjects.   

Once collected, the product is tested within our laboratory facilities and shipped fresh, directly to your research facility for immediate use.  We provide a certificate of analysis with each shipment that includes cell quantification, chain of custody and IRB consent and protocol documentation.

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