URGENT NEED for ALL DONATIONS & BLOOD TYPES especially Type O, AB and all types for Platelets. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the wordThere is no deferral for COVID-19 vaccinations currently being administered in the U.S. and donors are not required to show status. Learn more about our donor eligibility and Coronavirus Pandemic Response. Face masks and appointments are required. Same-day appointments can be made, call 800-747-5401.  

We have a new name, ImpactLife, that better reflects our mission. Read more about our evolution here: www.bloodcenter.org/impactlife 


BioLinked’s goal is to connect extraordinary people like you with the nation’s most promising research. More than 85% of clinical research studies do not meet their enrollment goals due to lack of participants causing delays  and/or termination of the entire study. When you join the BioLinked Registry, you become a part of the research community that is bringing new hope to patients as soon as possible.

Your participation in the BioLinked community propels clinical research that finds cures, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow.  

STep 1 - register with biolinked

It only takes five minutes on average to sign up for a BioLinked Registry profile. Once you have created a BioLinked Registry Profile, you are ready to fill out the questionnaire which goes into more depth about your social and health history. This part takes about 15 minutes on average to complete. 

If you match a researcher’s need, a representative from ImpactLife will contact you. If you have any interest in participating, they will explain what is needed, and how that may affect you. The choice to move forward is completely up to you. Unless you agree, the researcher will never know your identity. 

BioLinked Registration Form

Step 2 - review current study

Check back for current studies available!

If you register in Step 1 and qualify for new studies, an ImpactLife representative will reach out to you.

For additional information

If you have questions about BioLinked or the BioLinked Participant Portal, email support@bio-linked.org and a member of the BioLinked team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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