Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center - How Life Flows Through Our Community


Therapeutic Procedures

In partnership with our service hospitals, patients in our communities receive the necessary blood products and skillful, compassionate care to meet their individual needs.

Therapeutic Procedures
Some patients need to give blood components or undergo apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) procedures as part of their treatment for certain diseases. Apheresis utilizes a centrifuge that spins the blood to separate the components, removing the desired component and returning all remaining components to the patient.

Autologous Donation
Before a scheduled surgery, some patients referred by a physician can store their own blood for transfusion.

Directed Donation Program
When ordered by a physician, patients may specify their own donors for an expected transfusion.

Injections and Immunizations
Patients referred by a physician may receive injections and / or immunizations.

Platelet Program
Services and research help care for patients with low platelet counts.

For more information on MVRBC’s Therapeutic Procedures or on Autologous Blood Donation, please contact our TPE and Special Donations Department at (800) 747-5401.

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