Saving lives ought to feel great, but we know you might have questions about how you'll feel and what to expect when you give blood. Watch this 3-minute video to learn what you can do to avoid feeling light-headed, dizzy or fainting when you give blood.

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Follow these 4 tips!

  • forty winks
    Why? A great night's sleep (at least 8 hrs.) makes everyone feel better
  • food
    Why? When your stomach's full, your blood pressure is more stable and you feel less light-headed!
  • fluids
    Why? Your body will lose about 2 cups of fluid during your donation.
  • flex  [applied muscle tension]
    Why? It's a great way to keep your blood pumping while you donate!

Applied muscle tension, how?

breathe - flex - relax - repeat

Start with some deep, relaxing breaths. Flex your chest & arms and count to five. Release your breath for ten seconds and relax. Repeat - this time flex your core muscles... next time your legs & buttocks... and then START OVER!