We're proud to showcase our new name: ImpactLife

We are uniting our entire service region under a single name! We're so excited about this change, but know it will take some time to implement in all of our locations and with all of our communication and media partners. Please use the resources below for communication needs regarding our name change. If you have any questions, please contact Kirby Winn, Manager, Public Relations, at kwinn@impactlife.org.

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  • Why are we changing our name?
    1. We are changing our name to unite our entire service region under a single identity. 
    2. The new name – ImpactLife – focuses on our mission, rather than our location. This has become especially important due to recent growth. 
    3. This change is not due to any other change in our organization. Our people, mission, and the hospitals we serve all remain the same. The only change is that will now operate under our new name. 
  • Why did ImpactLife previously have 3 names?

    After mergers in 2010 and 2011, we have operated under three different names: Central Illinois Community Blood Center, Community Blood Services of Illinois, and Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

    Our official, legal name and the name used on our FDA license is Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. The other two names are used as d/b/a/ (“doing business as”) in Central Illinois and Eastern Illinois.

  • What were the disadvantages to our previous 3 names?

    Our previous names… 

    • …were too long 
    • …were based on location, creating problems when we expand into new locations 
    • …did not express our mission 
    • …have been confusing for hospital partners because our blood bags are labeled with the MVRBC name, even in areas where we have promoted blood drives under the CICBC and CBSI names 
    • … for employees, having three different names reinforced regional differences at a time when we want to unite under our shared mission 
  • What are the advantages of the new name?

    Our new name… 

    • …emphasizes the impact blood donors, staff, volunteers, and blood drive coordinators have on the health and wellbeing of people across our region. 
    • …unites employees, donors, and volunteers under a single name 
    • …is short, concise, and easy to remember and repeat 
  • Is this because of a merger/acquisition?

    This change is not due to any other change in our organization (no merger, acquisition, etc.). 

  • What is changing with this name change?

    We will update all points where our name and logo are used. For example: building signs, vehicles, business cards, letterhead, blood drive posters, brochures, email addresses, website, blood bags, and logo’d apparel. This process is already underway, however not all of the changes can be made immediately.


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