URGENT NEED FOR VOLUNTEER DONORS - Low supply of type O red blood cells, AB plasma and Convalescent PlasmaBlood donation is safe and essential!  Recent changes to donor eligibility criteria may allow more to give. Please fill out the deferral/eligibility inquiry form if you have questions.

Potential donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination are eligible to donate all blood products, including convalescent plasma with the following criteria.

Click here for our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) including information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on blood donation being permitted during Stay at Home directives. Click here for care provider and self-referrals for convalescent plasma donors for those that had a positive molecular test (also called PCR or polymerase chain reaction) and are fully recovered from COVID-19.  Email or call 833-610-1025 with questions.

Thank You 

The following individuals and groups (along with some who want to remain anonymous) have donated cloth face coverings for our staff and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate their generosity and support!

  • Angel Greeling
  • Angie Ulloa
  • Asian Indian Women's Organization
  • Audrey Majeski
  • Barb Olson & Carol Drish
  • Becky Hupp
  • Becky Kumme
  • Becky Kummerfeldt
  • Bob Brown
  • Cariss Swiatek
  • Cassie Simpson
  • Connie Etheridge
  • Connie Ghinazzi
  • Courtney Michael
  • COVID-19 - Community Face Mask Initiative - Peoria, IL, Margret Swanson
  • Cynthia Simpson
  • Deanna Sullivan
  • Deb Buchanan
  • Deena Hayes
  • Doug & Sandy Koester
  • Elaine Mundt
  • Forever Home Feline Ranch
  • Glen and Nancy Kruse
  • Great Couture Fashion, Olga Jordan
  • Jan DeGreve
  • Jan Erling
  • Jan Lange
  • Jean Ball
  • Jenny Suttill
  • Jill Gaige
  • Jolene Draheim
  • Jolene Pingel
  • Julie Guilda Family
  • Karen Redenbaugh
  • Kathrine Willhite
  • Katirose Flint
  • Kay Loewenstein
  • Kayleigh Pingel
  • Laurie Bruce
  • Linda Adler
  • Lisa Nieves
  • Lori Auffenorde
  • Luke
  • Mac McDonald
  • Marilyn Williams
  • Mary McGlashing 
  • Mask Taskforce Clinton County, IA
  • Million Mask March QC
  • Nancy Janusweski
  • Nicole Szymscki
  • Nicole Yeager & Katie Nelson
  • Paula Pratt
  • Penny Danielson
  • QC Chamber, Jasmine Bozeman & Maria Dickman
  • Robin Asay
  • Sangamon County Health Department
  • Sara Donelan
  • Sew You Care Southwestern Illinois, Lynn Ashcroft
  • Sharee Hoegerl
  • Sharon Batton
  • Sherry Blarsett
  • SS Nail Salon
  • Sue Delaney
  • Summer Hasselbring
  • Teresa, Charlene & Jason Freeman
  • Terry Torres
  • Val O'Rourke
  • Wendy Laude

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