URGENT NEED for ALL DONATIONS & BLOOD TYPES especially Type O, AB and all types for Platelets. Click here to schedule your donation and help spread the wordThere is no deferral for COVID-19 vaccinations currently being administered in the U.S. and donors are not required to show status. Learn more about our donor eligibility and Coronavirus Pandemic Response. Face masks and appointments are required. Same-day appointments can be made, call 800-747-5401.  

We have a new name, ImpactLife, that better reflects our mission. Read more about our evolution here: www.bloodcenter.org/impactlife 


For 1 in 7 patients entering a hospital today, blood can change everything. Patients count on lifesaving blood transfusions every day of the year, and with your help we can ensure it is readily available.


For inquiries about new blood drives, please use our online contact form below.
Thank you!


amanda hess

Amanda Hess Director, Donor and Public Relations
ahess@mvrbc.org | (563) 359-5401 office
holly yates Holly Yates Associate Director, Donor Relations
hyates@mvrbc.org |  (563) 823-4120 office
jim watts Jim Watts Manager, Donor Relations Mobile Recruitment
Springfield, Peoria and Urbana Regions
jwatts@mvrbc.org  | (217) 241-7546 office


Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Canton and surrounding areas

krista jiroutek

Krista Jiroutek Recruitment Development Coordinator
kjiroutek@mvrbc.org | (217) 241-7545

dani craft Dani Craft Donor Relations Consultant
dcraft@mvrbc.org | (309) 981-7840

william hudson

William Hudson Donor Relations Consultant
whudson@mvrbc.org | (309) 738-8190

cassandra schoonover Cassandra Schoonover Donor Relations Consultant
schoonover@mvrbc.org | (309) 322-6003
allison guzman Allison Guzman Associate Donor Relations Consultant
anguzman@mvrbc.org | 309-322-6002


Watch the stories below of families that have been impacted by blood donation.


Gladiators for Grayson


When you give blood, your single donation truly counts for patients like Grayson, whose treatment relies on receiving regular blood transfusions – only available through volunteer blood donations from donors like you.

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Lorelei holds blood drives to celebrate her journey. In this video, Lorelei's mom recounts their journey through two transplants and multiple blood donations.

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They saved my son, but they can't do it without you. Donate blood!

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"Because not only did I receive a massive blood transfusion to save my life, but Peyton and Parker – they received several. I can't even count how many.”

Stacey Skrysak

In 2013, Stacey and her husband, Ryan, were expecting triplets after years of infertility.

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Blood Types Needed

Many variables can impact our blood inventories such as weather, holidays or tragic events.  Every day, patients who need blood are in crisis and you can help by volunteering to donate.  Less than 10% of the population gives blood, so donors that give on a regular basis are important to meet these needs. Schedule an appointment today!

  • O+

    4 days

  • O-

    2 days

    Critical Need

  • A+

    7 days

  • A-

    7 days

  • B+

    5 days

  • B-

    4 days

  • AB+

    10 days

  • AB-

    7 days

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